Does your business need reliable website maintenance services or technical support?

We have a dedicated team of website maintenance, design and development professionals who have been trained to handle the maintenance issues related to client websites. With years of experience and vast exposure to industry best practices, our skilled team is more than competent to handle designated assignments.


Why work with SH Designs:

    • Continuous Updates – keeping your website updated with the latest script and server software
    • Reliable plugging of security lapses
    • Improved performance management and optimization
    • Precise traffic analysis = Improved sales + conversion
    • Affordable price packages
    • Round-the-clock client support

Many of our clients and partners prefer to have experts taking care of their website, which allows them to gain valuable insight into technical aspects of their application, without having to manage an in-house development team. Below are some of the maintenance services we currently offer.

Website Updates

We maintain and update your website content and features on a regular basis. Content updates can include anything from address changes to product catalogue updates.

Site Management

The latest server and web technologies are incorporated into your website ensure optimal performance and better user experience. Emerging market technologies can be developed and integrated into your application.


All database management issues, opensource application updates, payment gateway API updates etc. are patched rapidly to reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities.

Traffic Analysis and Reports

We can analyze traffic inflow to your website and advise on SEO strategies. If large traffic surges are causing problems such as server downtime, we can advise on the best caching or solutions.

Website Improvement

Analysis and reports of traffic – including sections of your website which are popular, pages most frequented, traffic upsurge times etc. can be used to implement a total restructuring strategy. We will suggest changes that help improve end-user experience, increase sales as well as improve the visual appeal of your website.


Call us on (03) 9606-0779 to find out how we can provide your business with website maintenance services, or contact us for further information.