Email Marketing Software Features

While there are literally thousands of features and usages we have highlighted some of the most powerful features below.

Personalize Email Campaigns
By collecting small pieces of information that are salient to your particular industry and target market, you can design email messages that will feel personal to the subscriber and so be more likely to inspire action.

List Segments & Subscriber Segmentation
Segment your email list into smaller, more targeted email lists for a better return on your marketing ROI.

Auto Responders
Easily add any number of time-sensitive auto responders to any of your lists. For instance you may have an instant auto responder that welcomes the new subscriber, have a message automatically sent 24 hours after their subscription and have another mailing sent a week later. Add html or text auto responders to any of your lists with ease.

Conditional Email Content
SH Designs email marketing software allow for fully dynamic email content. You can now tailor your content precisely to each recipient, based on any piece of information you have collected about your subscribers.

Server Based Email Sending Engine
Regardless of your server conditions, list size, or message complexity, our sending engine will process, track, and send your campaigns in a reliable manner to ensure maximum delivery.

Email Testing
Preview tool that shows you visually how your message will appear in each email client.

Advanced Tracking & Reporting
SH Designs email marketing software automatically tracks and reports how many subscribers open your emails and which links they click on. You will also have complete access to the tracking data in easy-to-view reports.

Compatible With All The Major Web Browsers
SH Designs email marketing software will work with the main web browsers, including Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Chrome and others.

Other Features include:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Notification via email
  • Import subscribers from an existing database
  • Upload and send attachments
  • Easy to use html editor

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