How do you turn more visitors into customers? Increase your conversion rate!

Your website is the sales person that talks to the most people, the most often, without speaking a single word. So, is it doing a good job at closing sales?

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) provides the answers
With Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), you will learn what visitors are doing when they come to your website, and more importantly, where they go. Do they buy your product or do they take their business elsewhere?

CRO at a glance:

  • Increase sales without increasing advertising!
  • Know what marketing copy, images, videos and graphics invoke the most action.
  • Make your website easy to use navigate – from “welcome” to sale
  • Happy Visitors = Happy Customers!

CRO In Depth:

SH Designs has the expertise and technology to pinpoint exactly where your Web site visitors click with your brand and become your customers. We also identify potential “sales funnels” where visitors lose interest, leave your Web site and take their business elsewhere.

SH Designs helps you fix these holes quickly!

  1. Benchmark:
    • Benchmarking sets the performance metrics we will use to gauge the project’s success.
      • What are your current visitor-to-sales conversion rates?
      • What is the average conversion rate for your industry?
      • What does your sales funnel look like?
  2. Set Goals
    • Realistic goals will depend on your industry and geography.
      • Do you sell to customers around the city or around the world?
  3. Develop Testing Criteria and Strategy:
    • Based upon historical data and competitor intelligence
  4. Develop Test Marketing Copy and Designs:
    • Like any good experiment, you need a control group (the current website) and one or more test groups (alternate versions A & B to test against).
    • For example: we can create 3 different “Buy Now” buttons and test which has the highest impact on sales.
  5. Multivariate and A/B Testing:
    • SH Designs’s empirical data will show without a shadow of a doubt which website pages and features are the winners.
    • As your website grows, so will our testing to ensure your sales funnel turns into a giant, leak-proof bowl of cash.

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